Rael Thigpen

Local Arts Student
Rael Thigpen was born in Greenville, North Carolina. Since early childhood until his senior year, he was a part of Building Hope Community Life Center. After graduating from J. H. Rose High School, he began studying Cinematic Arts and Theater at Liberty University. He played lead roles in various performances and student films during his studies and interned at the Cannes Film Festival. In the short film “Stuck”, Rael portrays Darren, a teen who runs away when he learns his father is being released from prison.

Jody Vines

Seasoned Veteran
A Gulf War veteran and former model, Jody is no rookie when it comes to being in front of the camera. His acting career has seen its share of over 25 short films and tv appearances. Jody fills the role of Darren’s father in the short film Stuck.

Buddy Boyd

Not Really Homeless
Buddy was the perfect guy for the Homeless Man in Stuck. His gentle character and sensitivity to the heart of God came through clearly in the film. He previously played a role in another Joseph Tese short film Every Dog.

Nyrobi Thomas

Community Leader
Nyrobi is Director of Student Development, Middle School Girls Site Coodinator and W.O.W. Coordinator at Building Hope Community Life Center. She is a graduate of NC Wesleyan College with a degree in Criminal Justice. Nyrobi plays the role of Darren’s mother in the short film Stuck,